Whole30 Week 1

I’m not sure what put the thought of Whole30 in my head, but a few weeks ago Hagin mentioned wanting to lose a little weight and I said “Ok, I want to too. Let’s do Whole30.” I don’t think he really knew what he was signing up for once he agreed and we picked a pretty busy time to start… moving, teaching camp, remodeling….but we committed to it and moved forward.

Sunday before starting I headed to Whole Foods to stock up. I planned dinners with hopes of leftovers for lunches, breakfasts, and I picked up some compliant snacks (I’m still nursing, aka hungry all.the.time) I thought I was super prepared for the week, but I somewhat underestimated just how hungry we would be for dinner. Most nights we ate almost all of what I prepared, meaning we didn’t have much for lunch the next day. I had to make a mid week run to the store for a few more items so we would make it though the week.

On Sunday afternoon I hard boiled 6 eggs and made up some zucchini and sweet potato latkes.


Day 1: For breakfast we had scrambled eggs and chorizo with sliced tomato. This was a yummy breakfast to start off with. I typically don’t really like scrambled eggs, but I love chorizo. It helped mask the eggs. Lunch was a few latkes, a hard boiled egg, and a handful of fruit. For dinner we had portobello fajitas served in lettuce wraps. This was not the right choice for our first day on Whole30. We were starving at dinner time. We pretty much demolished the entire dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast was a poached egg over sauteed spinach, peaches, and blueberries. What I learned? My egg poaching skills need work… For lunch I chopped up a sweet potato and pan fried it with kale and chorizo. I was looking forward to dinner all day. It was spiralized zucchini, with marinara, and turkey meatballs. After two days of feeling constantly hungry it was really what we needed to finally feel better.

Day 3: Hard boiled eggs that I premade on Sunday and a few of the zucchini and sweet potato latkes with fruit was breakfast. I took the easy way out, no cooking required. Leftover meatballs with sauteed broccoli slaw all tossed in coconut aminos was lunch. Dinner was pork fried cauliflower “rice”. Overall a pretty good day. I’m finally starting to not feel quite so hungry all the time.

Day 4: I’m coming around to scrambled eggs.  I made them with chopped peppers, spinach, and mushroom and we had a side of berries. I remade the sweet potato and kale bowl only without the chorizo for lunch. I added some chipotle powder for spice. We had cauliflower rice again for dinner, but this time we made steak burrito bowls. They were very tasty and filling.

Day 5: We finished up the latkes with an over-medium egg and some blueberries. Lunch was a salad with whatever vegetable we had left in the fridge and a turkey burger on top. I marinated chicken in lemon juice, garlic and oil for dinner, cooked it in the cast iron and served with roasted veggies for dinner.

Day 6: Finally the weekend! All through the week I taught a cooking camp and I could hardly try anything we prepared. I did get to eat the flank steak, which was delicious and made a mental note to make it for us. Apparently I didn’t take any pictures and I don’t remember what breakfast was. Probably an egg of some sort. We actually had leftovers from Friday night, so for lunch I cooked up a chorizo sausage with our leftover roasted veggies. After cooking all week for us and camp kids I was ready for a break from the kitchen. For dinner we went to Burger Monger – a small burger chain down the street from our house – we had burgers in lettuce wraps with all their grilled vegetable toppings (also in full disclosure I had 2 fries).

Day 7: We were heading to early church service and grabbed larabars to eat on the go. By the time church was over we were starting to get hungry, but planned to go to Costco first to stock up for the upcoming week. Once we got home I cooked up peppers, kale, chicken and apple sausage and scrambled eggs with a few blueberries on the side. Hagin was over at a co-workers house for dinner so I went to Sweet Tomatoes with my parents – which is basically carb city. I had a large salad and sweet potato.

Overall week one wasn’t too bad. I don’t think I was prepared for how terrible I was going to feel on days 1 and 2, but day 3 I started to feel a little better and by the end of the week I was feeling great. For week 2 I tried to better plan for when we don’t have dinner leftovers, so we don’t get stuck eating a few random vegetables and nuts for lunch. I am spending much more money on groceries. We usually have some sort of grain with our meals, helping to lower our food costs. I will have to really plan in weeks 3 and 4 to try to save more money.

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