Chicken Gyros

Gyros have always been one of my favorite foods and right now while I'm pregnant about the only Greek food I can enjoy that doesn't have feta in it. While grocery store feta is usually fine to eat because it's almost always made from pasteurized milk, all the little Greek restaurants around town may import their feta so I steer clear. It's usually easier than trying to ask a little old Greek man … [Read more...]

Greek Dogs for Back to School #SundaySupper

  If you are looking for an easy and a little bit different back to school dinner idea look no further.  We all know kids like hot dogs, unless they are weird like me. I have never liked them. But this is not your normal hot dog. This is a chicken sausage disguised as a hot dog and loaded with your favorite Greek toppings. You can choose to make your own tzatziki or use store bought. … [Read more...]