Buffalo Chicken Stromboli

This Buffalo Chicken Stromboli was another favorite during Buffalo Chicken Week. It was a little bit different than anything I would usually make, and like most of the rest of the recipes this week is great for football season. Once the bread has cooled some out of the oven slice it up and serve with blue cheese or ranch dressing to dip in. Add some veggies to the tray and you have one happy … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Wahoo! This might by my favorite post of Buffalo Chicken Week, buffalo chicken dip is easy and delicious. Sometimes I make it for dinner and sometimes I make to for parties, but usually for dinner because we don’t like to share. Just one bite and you are hooked. You can pretend you are being healthy as you dip that celery into the chicken and cheesy goodness. And hey, I even used reduced fat cream … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

I believe my love for Mexican food is obvious, but combine Mexican with buffalo chicken and you have the best darn dinner ever! My husband was raving over these and I have to agree, these enchiladas were a great unique twist that was full of wonderful flavor. He took leftovers for lunch and loved them just as much. I think if I made a batch of these buffalo chicken enchiladas every week he would … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Who can say no to buffalo chicken sliders? The perfect way to ease into buffalo chicken week, with a classic. While the crockpot buffalo chicken does have buffalo flavor, it’s just not quite hot enough for me. I ended up added a little extra wing sauce on top of these slider for an extra kick. This is a great recipe to prepare for a crowd, you could put out a few other toppings and let everyone … [Read more...]