Grilled Tilapia in Parchment

Constantly on the lookout for new, easy fish preparations I came across this “meal in a bag” recipe. An entire meal cooked on the grill, ready in 20 minutes, and only dirties one bowl? Sign me up! I basically had the night off from cooking with not even a side dish to prepare. I assembled the packets, handed them off to my husband for the grill, and sat down with a glass of wine. While making … [Read more...]

Garlic, Lemon, and Rosemary Roasted Chicken for #SundaySupper

This week I am joining back up with #SundaySupper to help share an amazing cookbook. Katie Workman, author of The Mom 100 Cookbook: 100 Recipes Every Mom Needs in Her Back Pocket , knows what it is like to be a busy mom. Her cookbook is filled with recipes and helpful hints for busy moms to help get dinner on the table. She truly believes in the #SundaySupper mission and will be joining us on … [Read more...]

Whole Chicken in a Crockpot

My favorite meal growing up was my mother’s whole roasted chicken. I used to beg for it and she always happily obliged. I now know it is because a whole chicken is ridiculously easy to cook. If you are intimidated by cooking a whole chicken, don’t be. This is virtually fool proof.  But this isn’t just a whole chicken in a crockpot, it is a whole meal. It is so easy to prep and then you just throw … [Read more...]