White Chicken Ravioli Bake

When I was at the store a few weeks ago, the Aprons chef was cooking up this baked ravioli. I didn’t get to try any, but there was a lot of talk of how good it was. So last week I finally looked up the recipe and got to work tweaking it to my liking. Like I have said in the past I always buy extra ravioli and tortellini when they are on sale so I already had the ravioli and most of the … [Read more...]

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce with Ravioli

This definitely wins as the best homemade pasta sauce I have ever made. You can’t buy anything like it, that I know of. The flavors of the red peppers, cream, and parmesan cheese, delicious! I like to use jarred peppers to cut down on the prep time, but if you prefer to use fresh peppers and roast them yourself, feel free. Roasted Red Pepper Sauce with Ravioli Adapted from Your Homebased … [Read more...]