Green Chile Mac and Cheese

I'm a big fan of mac and cheese, is there anyone who isn't? On the day of my baby shower there was a mac and cheese throwdown going on in Tampa. I was exhausted after the shower and didn't feel like going to it. I'm slightly regretting that decision and hoping the mac and cheese throwdown returns again next year. When we were in Austin we loved our dinner at Moonshine. The Green Chile … [Read more...]

Roasted Poblano Mac and Cheese for #WeekdaySupper

I love a good homemade mac and cheese. Recently I have been using a new secret weapon to make it extra creamy.  If you know me at all the secret ingredient probably won't come as much of a shock to you. My secret ingredients is.... .... .... .... .... Greek yogurt! I already put that stuff on almost everything, use it in place of sour cream, and now use it any time I'm making mac and … [Read more...]

Poblano Chicken Chowder

Is it still cool in other parts of the country or is it 80 degrees with 90% humidity everywhere? If you have any cool weather up where you live do you mind shipping it on down to Florida. I just want to borrow it for a few weeks, then I will send it back. But just because it’s hot and wet here doesn’t mean I still don’t enjoy a bowl of soup every now and then. This recipe comes from none other … [Read more...]

Chili Relleno Casserole

We are big fans of easy, cheesy casseroles in this house and love anything with a kick. When I came across this chili relleno casserole I knew I had to give it a shot. The funny thing is I went out to a Mexican restaurant with a few girlfriends the day before making this. When picking out my entrée I was excited to order chili rellenos because I don’t often get them. It wasn’t until after my food … [Read more...]

Stuffed Poblanos

This is a rare recipe where none of the ingredients are on sale this week, but peppers are delicious and plentiful this time of year so I wanted to go ahead and share it. At my local produce stand I have been finding huge and beautiful looking poblano peppers and they are just to cheap to turn up. I grow my own jalapenos and always have cooked beans in the freezer, besides the poblanos I didn’t … [Read more...]