Green Chile Mac and Cheese

I'm a big fan of mac and cheese, is there anyone who isn't? On the day of my baby shower there was a mac and cheese throwdown going on in Tampa. I was exhausted after the shower and didn't feel like going to it. I'm slightly regretting that decision and hoping the mac and cheese throwdown returns again next year. When we were in Austin we loved our dinner at Moonshine. The Green Chile … [Read more...]

Jalapeno Turkey Burgers

Grilling season is upon us and even though it is pretty dang hot outside, I love sitting on patio to eat dinner.  This burger packs a punch with a double whammy of jalapenos. You've got the fresh jalapenos on top and the chipotle aioli smeared all over he bun. Did you know that chipotles are smoked jalapenos? I read that somewhere recently. I would have gone on thinking they were their own … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

This is another recipe that I have had in the files for a while. I instagrammed a few pics back when I made it to a great response. Now that Frank’s Red Hot has finally gone on sale I’m ready to share it. I would also suggest purchasing a few extra bottles of the wing sauce. Coming up in two weeks I am going to be dedicating an entire week (maybe two) to buffalo chicken recipes. This buffalo … [Read more...]

Quesadilla Turkey Burger

Occasionally I try to recreate restaurant dishes at home. I don’t always go for getting it to taste the same, but often I see an idea I like and work from there. This quesadilla burger has been on Applebee’s menu forever and I have to admit I have never ordered it. I think I have tasted a bite or two, but it was the idea that intrigued me. I really like quesadillas and I really like burgers, so … [Read more...]

Chili Lime Chicken Burger

In the mood to grill for Cinco de Mayo? I have the perfect burger for you! This Chili Lime Chicken Burger pacts a ton of flavor and is still good for the waist line. But be warned, if you have never worked with ground chicken before it is very sticky. I recommend you become good friends with your non stick cooking spray. I love a change from the traditional burger and this does not disappoint. … [Read more...]