Penne alla Vodka

  I teased about this recipe for a while and here it finally is. I worked on this for a while, trying to take a very heavy Italian dish and lighten it a tad. The original recipe, by Pioneer Woman, has more cream and butter than any person should probably have in a month. I played around with reducing the fats and perfected it to the recipe you see below. One of my favorite restaurants serves … [Read more...]

From the Pantry Peanut Noodles for Budget #SundaySupper

When you think of budget meals what comes to mind? For me it is a meal I can easily throw together with what I have in the house or on super sale at the grocery store. There are some weeks where I busted my grocery budget the week before so I try to avoid the grocery store all together the next week. Those weeks I have to get creative in the kitchen. It’s a good thing I always have plenty of pasta … [Read more...]

Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Linguine

I’ve really tried to limit the bad carbs during #MeatlessMarch. I didn’t want to fall into the boring steamed veggies with pasta trap that we see as the Vegetarian entrée at so many restaurants. We usually only have pasta about every other week, so I didn’t want us to end up doing more harm than good by going meatless for the month. Eating pasta four nights a week would pretty much void any … [Read more...]

Four Cheese Macaroni

This recipe actually wasn’t made by me, but my mom. Sometimes we will have dinner get togethers and bring dishes to each others houses. I think this one was right after we go the puppy and he was too young to go play with their huge dogs. And speaking about puppies… did I ever share any cute puppy photos when we got Wyatt? Yes, I probably did, but here he is back in October at a whooping 6 … [Read more...]

Chicken Florentine Pasta | #SundaySupper #SauteExpress & Giveaway! (Now Closed)

Have you seen the new Land O Lakes® Sauté Express® Sauté Starters in stores yet? Land O Lakes® has packed a ton of flavor into each little square helping to make weekday dinners simple. No more collecting 5 different spices, measuring, chopping, just toss a square in and let it sizzle then add your chicken, fish, or pork. Each square contains butter, olive oil and a variety of herbs and spices … [Read more...]