Hawaiian Chicken Wrap

Today I have a delicious and easy wrap for you. Recently I was sent a few containers of Citizen Chef's Fresh Sauces to try out. I received them right before leaving for the Food and Wine Conference so I let the wheels in my head spin as I decided which one to try out first. I knew it had to be easy, healthy, and tasty. The idea for a Hawaiian Chicken Wrap, loaded with vegetables came to mind. … [Read more...]

Lemon Chicken

Yay, more reinvented Asian takeout made at home! I haven't posted many Asian inspired dishes lately. Did you think I had lost interest? Not at all. I just needed to find some super easy inspiration. Sometimes cooking lately has started to feel like a chore. It's draining trying to find a new recipe to cook every single night. Since starting this blog I have only made the same thing one time! … [Read more...]