Garam Masala Rubbed Cornish Hens with Maple Glaze

Whenever I think of Cornish hens I remember that commercial from last year, where the lady talks about everyone getting a little baby chicken and tries to get into the Rolls Royce.  Haha, still cracks me up. I don’t make these very often, but when I spotted them at a market for like $1.50 each I immediately put two in my cart. This Bobby Flay recipe inspired the whole Indian Spiced Christmas … [Read more...]

Maple Dijon Chicken

This recipe, “Man Pleasing Chicken” has been a huge hit on Pinterest. It turned out delicious and I loved using different cuts of chicken, rather than the breast. This week GreenWise drumsticks and thighs are on sale. Either would be great in this, but make sure you pick up skinless. The sauce has a tendency to clump some during cooking so make sure to give it a whisk when completed to bring it … [Read more...]