1905 Salad for #SundaySupper

I'm popping back in for another #SundaySupper. I used to be so good at committing to these weekly, now I'm lucky to join in once a month. But with the new year and my goal of actually maintaining the blog this year, I hope to be around more often. This week's theme is Hometown Foods - rep your hometown with your favorite dish. Dunedin, FL isn't exactly the foodie capital of the world. We … [Read more...]

Tampa Cuban Sandwich

Cuban sandwiches are a staple for us. When we need something quick before heading out on the boat or want to take the dogs to the park for a picnic we swing by one of our favorite places to grab a Cuban. We love to try out new delis in town and taste the Cuban. It is the benchmark for the rest of the menu. Can you make a good Cuban? Then yes we will come back. No, and you probably won't see us … [Read more...]

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Do you have a go to dish when company is coming over? Any type of casseroles are mine. I like to stick to simple ones that I know will go over well with a wide variety of people.  Chicken, cheese, and crispy topping? Yep I think this is one of those dishes. I made this cordon bleu casserole for my husband’s mom and grandma a few weeks ago. I prepared it all earlier in the day and just popped it … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Pizza

The other night we had been out of the house all day running errands, watching football, playing at the pool and didn’t get home until late. We hadn’t eaten since lunch, but were to exhausted to go out anywhere for dinner. I toyed with the idea of ordering a pizza, but knew I could easily make one at home so I didn’t want to spend the money on delivery.  I surveyed the pantry and saw I could put … [Read more...]

Croque Monsieur

How appropriate to be posting a French sandwich recipe during a week long celebration of Julia Child’s 100th birthday, but this recipe didn’t come from Julia. It came from the lovely Nicole over at The Daily Dish Recipes. She posted this for a #SundaySupper a while back. Never having made a Croque Monsieur before I was intrigued. I love a good sandwich and this promised to be just … [Read more...]