Chicken and Zucchini Meatballs

  I am really excited about this recipe. I'm a huge meatball fan and thrilled to have a delicious recipe for meatballs that are actually quite healthy. You could really use chicken or turkey in this recipe, but ground turkey breast was about $7.59/lb and chicken was on sale for $2.99/lb. I think you can see why I went with the chicken. You can find the Homemade Marinara recipe here, posted … [Read more...]

Chipotle Chicken Sliders

These Chipotle Chicken Sliders add a little heat to weeknight dinner, but not too much they are pretty mild with only 1 pepper. If you want it a little spicier feel free to add another. These could be made as burgers or sliders, but you know that I’m a use what you got girl and I already had these whole wheat dinner rolls. Sliders it was! Since these are made with ground chicken it’s best too … [Read more...]

Ground Chicken Potstickers and Spring Rolls

Now before we get started I’m going to warn you, the pot stickers are a little difficult and pretty time consuming. I spent about 2 hours filling pot stickers before I threw in the towel and decided to make baked spring rolls. Either way they taste delicious and there is a ton of filling so I recommend giving both a shot. Both the spring rolls and pot stickers freeze wonderfully. Freeze them … [Read more...]

Spinach and Feta Chicken Meatballs

I’m always on the hunt for a good meatball recipe. I love them, whether they are made with ground beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, I don’t care just load my plate up with them. Growing up my mom made Greek meatballs. They were delicious and one of my favorite meals besides roasted chicken. This recipe isn’t similar at all, but with the feta and spinach reminded me of the flavors of Greek food. I knew … [Read more...]

Chili Lime Chicken Burger

In the mood to grill for Cinco de Mayo? I have the perfect burger for you! This Chili Lime Chicken Burger pacts a ton of flavor and is still good for the waist line. But be warned, if you have never worked with ground chicken before it is very sticky. I recommend you become good friends with your non stick cooking spray. I love a change from the traditional burger and this does not disappoint. … [Read more...]