Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas for #SundaySupper

The #SundaySupper group put forth a challenge for us. Could we make a delicious dinner with just five ingredients? Right before this theme was announced I had made these enchiladas, and if you made salsa verde for these from scratch they wouldn't cut it. I had taken the easy route with store bought salsa verde. I don't think it makes these super easy enchiladas any less tasty. Believe me they … [Read more...]

Black Bean and Avocado Flautas for #SundaySupper

I'm no stranger to meatless meals. My lunches are almost always meatless and I only have meat for dinner maybe twice a week. Most of the time my meatless meals are pretty healthy, but not today friends! I made flautas, and I fried them! There are plenty of veggies stuffed inside those little fried rolls, but lets not fool ourselves into thinking veggies inside fried tortillas are … [Read more...]

Baked Black Bean Quesadillas

Here is an easy recipe to whip up when you are tired, don't want to cook, or just feeling blah in the kitchen. I remember eating baked quesadillas often as a child.  I always thought they were sort of strange, but tasty. Other people just fried there cheese quesadillas in a skillet and my mom baked them with all sorts of different fillings in the oven. Well now I know why. It's much … [Read more...]

Chicken Souvlaki Quesadilla

I started off this dish planning to make a traditional chicken souvlaki in a pita, but as I surveyed my bread stash and found that I had tons of tortillas and only one pita, plans changed. And they changed for the better. I love quesadillas and I love Greek food. In fact a lot of my favorite Greek restaurants have started serving Greek-a-dillas. They are catching on to the yumminess that is Greek … [Read more...]

Spicy Shredded Beef Chimichangas for #CincoDeMayo #SundaySupper

Have you hear about the upcoming Food and Wine Conference? It is going to be amazing with speakers such as Sara Moulton(!!!), Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen and so many more amazing and talented people. Today only, during the #SundaySupper chat, we will be offering $100 off the full conference pass. You must purchase your ticket between 7-8 pm ET and enter the coupon code: SundaySupper. Cinco de … [Read more...]