Veggie Filled Sloppy Joes

Who remembers the sloppy joes from your childhood? Did the sauce come out of a can? I remember my mom making sloppy joes with Manwich more than I would like to think about. I loved them at the time, but now not so much. I wanted to try making an updated, chock full of veggies sloppy joe. First I made them for the husband and I. We of course loved them because we love veggies, then I tried them out … [Read more...]

Poppy Seed Dressing

This recipe has been a favorite for many, many years. I grew up eating the fruit plate at our club. The fruit was always served with a side of poppy seed dressing, which of course was the best part, well the dressing and the grilled cheese fingers that also came with it. A few years back my mom finally got the recipe and began making it at home. In my opinion this poppy seed dressing blows … [Read more...]

Soy Citrus Grilled Chicken

If you can't tell these flavors are new favorites in our house. This is the perfect marinade for both pork and chicken. In fact a few weeks ago I posted it with pork and orange juice. Today it's chicken and lemon juice. I wanted to throw together an easy grilled chicken dish when my in laws where in town a few weeks ago. I already had plenty of chicken and knew I wanted to grill it. I … [Read more...]

Orange Soy Pork Tenderloin

I picked up these pork tenderloins on special at The Fresh Market back in February. We cooked this one up right away and the other is still waiting it out in the freezer. In February we took a weekend vacation to St. Augustine and on our way home picked up some oranges. I’m against paying for citrus since I live in Florida and almost everyone I know has some kind of citrus tree, but dang it these … [Read more...]

Nana’s Marinated Roast Beef | Retro #SundaySupper

This #SundaySupper we are featuring old school / retro recipes. I didn’t go very traditional like a tuna noodle casserole, but this recipe is retro to our family. Nana has been making this roast for decades. For Christmas she gave me a few local cookbooks and made sure to point out what page I could find this one on. Nana mentioned in the book that it is a great dish to bring to tailgates. … [Read more...]