Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

I made this soup back in early December, you know it has to be easy because cooking and I were not on very good terms at the time. But I wanted a big bowl of soup and grilled cheese for lunch so I whipped this up. It takes virtually no time to make and it involves very little prep work. This soup was probably one of the only meals we ate at home the whole month of December. Cooking during the … [Read more...]

Meaty Chili

Ever since our church announced the date of the annual chili cookoff, I have been working on the perfect chili recipe. I discovered along the way that I'm not much of a chili person, but I do have one secret weapon up my sleeve for the cookoff. For years and years I have tried to be a chili person, but I finally accepted that it's just not me. This chili got the runner up award in my trio of … [Read more...]

Homemade Marinara

I've been having a great time with my kids in cooking camp. Two weeks ago was Around the World theme were we explored dishes from 5 different countries and this week is Healthier Family Favorites themed. We are taking dishes that can typically be loaded with fat, calories, and heavily processed ingredients and making them lighter, healthier, and homemade. Monday we made this homemade marinara … [Read more...]

Three Bean Vegetarian Chili

Who would have thought weekend temperatures would be in the 40’s in March here in Florida. We are currently experiencing quite a late cold front, making it perfect cornbread and chili weather. I know there is some debate as to whether chili should have beans or not, but when you are making a vegetarian chili there isn’t really an option to forgo beans. This is a great recipe for #MeatlessMarch, … [Read more...]

Crockpot Turkey Meatballs

I like to avoid pre-cooking food that will be going into the crock pot as much as possible.  I have run across many crockpot meatball recipes that require forming the meatballs, baking them, and then adding them to the crockpot. To me that is way to many steps and dirtying unnecessary dishes. This is a great way to reduce the dishes and time it takes to prep. If you aren’t a fan of ground turkey … [Read more...]