Chicken and Apple Salad

Lately I have been in the mood for slightly healthier meals. When I get those kind of cravings, which is rare, I usually turn to salads. They are easy to make and really hard to go wrong with. Plus you can customize easily to family member’s likes and dislikes. The air is getting cooler and it is time to break out the Fall ingredients. I have been buying mainly Gala apples so far this year. … [Read more...]

Steak and Blue Cheese Salad

With Wednesday's sirloins recipe I had you cook up an extra steak to just below your preferred temperature. For this salad just warm the steak in the microwave, which will cook it more, and slice. I love throwing an extra steak on the grill or using leftover steak to make a salad the next day. It is so easy, healthy, and delicious. I have not ventured into the make your own salad dressings group … [Read more...]