Meaty Chili

Ever since our church announced the date of the annual chili cookoff, I have been working on the perfect chili recipe. I discovered along the way that I'm not much of a chili person, but I do have one secret weapon up my sleeve for the cookoff. For years and years I have tried to be a chili person, but I finally accepted that it's just not me. This chili got the runner up award in my trio of … [Read more...]

Black Bean Chili Stuffed Baked Potato

Ah, finally Friday. Once again this week felt longer than usual. I spent yesterday thinking it was Friday, shopping with my mom. On Craigslist I found some chairs with rush seats that I thought would be perfect to replace the chairs at my kitchen table. Because I'm always a little nervous to go to any of these Craigslist places on my own, I called my mom to go with me. It turned out to be a cute … [Read more...]

Fried Jalapeno Bites

Gearing up for the big tailgate #SundaySupper this is another of our favorite game day recipes. But these fiery bites of goodness don’t need to be saved for a gameday, sometimes we like to make a few appetizers and call it dinner. It’s a change up from the typical dinner routine for those nights you feel like you are in a rut. Do you see those spring rolls? Those are the Southwestern Spring Rolls … [Read more...]

The Best Margarita Ever for Memorial Day #SundaySupper

People have probably been making these for years, but I have just recently discovered beer margaritas. They are truly the best margarita ever and so easy you will never go back to premade mixes. They aren’t overly tart or sour, the beer tames them out a bit. I typically use Red Stripe, but that’s just because that’s the beer we usually have in the house. Any kind of beer will do. I can think of no … [Read more...]