Menu Plan & Shopping List for Publix Ad beginning 8/30/12

This week is a little different than usual, there are some great Labor Day cookout sales. I am revisiting some old recipes this week and only providing one new recipe. I have a direct link to each recipe below and tomorrow I will be posting the Chicken Caesar Sandwich recipe.

**Even if you do not live near a Publix my menu plan’s and shopping list can be of use to you. I try to use in season fruits and veggies in my cooking and simple ingredients which are often on sale at other stores.**

Menu Plan button_8-30-12

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

Shopping List button_8-30-12

The items needed for each recipe are separated should you choose to skip one of the meals. Be sure to keep in mind that I often use ingredients for more than one meal. I have marked items used more than once with a +. Please check the recipes to make sure you aren’t leaving anything off of your shopping list. Items marked with an * are those featured in the ad this week.

Shopping List
Chicken Caesar Sandwiches
2 large boneless chicken breasts
Publix hamburger buns *+
green leaf lettuce *
1 lemon

Already in Pantry
caesar dressing
parmesan cheese

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