Hadley Lane – Seven Months

Because I am so late posting this, Hadley is now closer to 8 months than she is to 7 months. Initially she started to crawl around 6 months, then discovered pulling up and all but stopped crawling. We were thinking she was just planning on skipping crawling since she never did it, but in the last month she has become quite the efficient crawler. Well, more like leg dragger. Let’s just say that she doesn’t look very graceful, but get’s where she wants to go quicky.

She is happiest when she is the center of attention. Which is most of the time. But as much as she loves being around other people and babies, she also loves her quiet nap time. Hadley has been great with naps recently, which is very helpful for this mom.

Hadley 7 Months - 2

We have been keeping busy and try to get out of the house at least once a day, whether it’s to go shopping or go to the park. It helps my days not to seem so long.

Hadley 7 Months - 1

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