Gone, But Not Forgotten

Since this is a cooking blog I don’t really talk about my life or family much besides what is on my about me page, but I wanted to share Murphy’s story here with all of you. Murphy was our baby, our orange and white, furry baby. Last year on July 3 we picked him up in Tennessee and brought him home to Florida with us.


{So sleepy after the car ride}

He was a crazy puppy. At times we though we were in over our head, but he was the best snuggler and had a lot of love to give. With a whole lot of training he became a very well behaved, friendly pup. We brought him with us anywhere dogs were allowed. He frequently ate out at restaurants with us. And had tons of dog park friends.


In April we noticed his third eye lid was coming up, took him to the vet and was put on medication for what we thought was an upper respiratory infection. The medicine did not help and he continued to get worse. After meeting with an ophthalmologist and running tests we found out he had orbital lymphoma.  We decided to begin chemo the next day. Every Thursday I brought him in for treatments hoping for improvement, but he never improved. We exhausted our drug options and ended his chemo treatments May 24.


Saturday June 9 we said goodbye to him. We didn’t even get a full year with him, but he gave us a lifetime of love. We will always remember our first baby, Murphy.

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