Fun Friday: Nursery Reveal

Besides food, some of my favorite things are decorating and DIY projects, just ask my husband, he’s always thrilled when I rope him into one of my many projects. I like to work with things I have and transform them to fit the space I envision.

When we first found out we were having a little girl I had no idea where I wanted to start with a nursery. I searched for inspiration, but was coming up short. Then a few weeks later Decor Chick posted this pink room makeover that she had just completed for her daughter. I fell in love with all the shades of pink and immediately knew where I was going to be drawing my inspiration from. But I didn’t want just pink so I kept searching and came across this Aqua, Pink, and Green Nursery on Project Nursery. I loved how the colors tied together. We already have a lot of turquoise, aqua, and blues going on in our house so I wanted pink and green to be the main colors with little pops of aqua.

I went back and forth between three different shades of pink for the walls and ultimately decided on Sherwin Williams Fussy Pink (which I had color matched at Ace during their BOGO paint special. I also picked up the white that I used for the dresser). I think it was the name that sold me. Hagin hopes that it doesn’t foreshadow what is to come.

After painting the room the next items to check off the list were painting the dresser and glider. The dresser had been in our office and the glider was given to us. I set up shop in the garage and got to work on both of those. I used spray paint on the glider and a brush and roller on the dresser.

This is the view looking in from the door to the room, her closet is not pictured on the left (for reference).

Pink, Green, Aqua Nursery_2

I woke up to a text from my sister one morning with a picture of a monogram above a crib saying, “you must do this in the nursery”. My reply, “way ahead of you, already ordered the monogram”.

Using one of my free paint samples that I had picked up from Lowes thanks to Coastal Living I painted it a lime green to match.

The crib bedding was a pieced together project. After searching and searching I could not find anything premade that I liked. Everything I found was to pastel and washed out. I was going for color. I did find one set I liked from Target, but it was older and they only carried the crib skirt. I tried purchasing the bumper on eBay and lost out, so plan B was to order the skirt and a few fabric swatches I liked and hope they match. When the fabric swatches came in they were almost a perfect match to the pink and green in the skirt. Initially I planned to make the bumper myself, but I chickened out and had the bumper and fitted sheet made by a great Etsy seller who was just opening up her shop, Lily Lane Bedding. I told her the fabrics I wanted and she made it and shipped it out to me within a few weeks, keeping me update with the progress along the way.

The custom bedding was definitely my splurge for the room, but after working on a few of the other projects for the room I am way more confident in my sewing skills and I’m pretty sure for the next baby I will be able to make it all myself.

Pink, Green, Aqua Nursery_9

Pottery Barn Kids carried sheers lined with pom pom trim. I wanted green trim they only had aqua and pink. I considered buying aqua for a hot second, but my store was out and they were $50 per panel. So once again onto plan B. I picked up some plain white sheers at JCPenney which, with a coupon were about $10 each and found some green pom pom trim on Etsy for a little less than $20. I saved myself some big moolah by doing this one myself. $60 compared to $200, I’ll take it. My sewing confidence was renewed. I was ready to move on to bigger projects.

My friend was selling the lamp at her garage sale, but the perk of being her friend she gave it to me for free. After a coat of spray paint it worked perfectly in the room with a cheap white shade from Target. The little dish holding bows is from Hobby Lobby. Hagin forced me to buy it after we drove 45 minutes to the closest store and I only had one other thing in my cart.

Pink, Green, Aqua Nursery_8

So far I have made two changing pad covers following this tutorial. I can’t believe I actually considered buying custom changing pad covers for $40+ when I made this myself in about an hour for the price of the fabric (which was about $8 for a yard). One I made out of leftover fabric from the glider and then I have this hot pink one. I’m kind of obsessed with making them now so I assume there will be a few more to come.

Pink, Green, Aqua Nursery_3

This glider is like my proudest sewing moment ever. I was incredibly intimidated when starting and put this project off for a while. The tutorial I was following (which can be found here) used zippers and elastic and plenty of fancy sewing words that I had never heard of before. But I did it, minus the zippers, I just used velcro instead. I now have a completely removable and washable slip cover. It’s so soft and cozy. I’ve caught the dogs napping on it many times.

Pink, Green, Aqua Nursery_6

I do have plans to hang a few pictures in the glider corner, but that will happen… eventually. I still haven’t hung anything in the kitchen since the remodel so if we go by that timeline I may hang those frames in about a year.Pink, Green, Aqua Nursery_4

I found the basket for the blankets at HomeGoods, it just jumped into my cart. Perfect for holding all the different baby blankets we have.

Pink, Green, Aqua Nursery_7

I love a good gallery wall and recently the more random the more I like it. I didn’t even plan to use a few of these frames, but as I laid everything out I really liked the eclectic look of it all. I can’t even tell you how many nail holes I hammered trying to get it perfectly eclectic. Good thing for paint and spackle!

Pink, Green, Aqua Nursery_1

This little girl has already built up quite the collection of clothes. I had to stop buying so we can actually leave the house to go shopping for new outfits every once in a while.

Pink, Green, Aqua Nursery_5

I had so much fun decorating this room, but now I’m a little sad it’s over. It was the last blank slate in the house. Time to redecorate our bedroom I guess 😉

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    It looks fantastic!! I love the blue cross on the collage wall and I love that free lamp base too. Great job! Your baby girl is gonna be one fashionable little girl like her mom. 🙂

    • says

      Thanks! I debated buying new pulls for the dresser, it’s old – one of our grandfathers, but in the end I decided I liked the bronze. The glider was given to us, I didn’t even see a brand on it. Gliders aren’t really my favorite in general so I’m glad this one was free so I could re-do it to match. I have my eye on an upholstered rocker (like from PBK) for the next kid.

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