Couponing 101

Updated 4/2/2014: Sorry, but I don’t coupon much anymore. My newspaper subscription ran out about a year ago and I never renewed it. I still check the coupon matchups below every week for printable coupons when making my list and use any competitor coupons I may have received in the mail, but for the most part I only have 0-3 coupons to use in a weekly trip.


Every Monday I will bring you a run down of the recipes I am going to cover that week. I put together my recipes based on the Publix ad and coupon match ups. On Tuesdays I will follow up with the shopping list needed to prepare the meals. This shopping list will be for the ad starting on Wednesday or Thursday and will be your guide to the following week’s meals.

My favorite couponing websites are Southern Savers and Addicted to Saving. At both of these sites you will find the ad match up so you can compile your coupons. You can still lower your grocery bills just by shopping the ad and not couponing, but couponing will help your dollar go farther.

Couponing does not have to take over your life. I only get ONE Sunday paper and also print coupons from online. I only spend about 30 minutes on Sunday clipping and organizing my coupons and on Tuesday once the Publix ad is up on either of the aforementioned sites I print any coupons that are available, go through my coupon collection and gather any I need for that week based on my shopping list.

If you aren’t quite ready to start with coupons yet, start with my shopping list and gradually you can start adding in coupons.

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