Hadley Lane – Six Months

I have a six month old. There is no way, I still don't believe it. She's basically already packing her bags to go to college. Time is flying by. This past month has been such an adventure. If you follow me on Instagram  you will know that we have started solid foods. Like I posted about a few weeks ago we started a little before six months because she was grabbing everything off our plates … [Read more...]

Incorporating Baby into Mealtime: An Intro to Baby-Led Weaning

On Sunday Hadley will be six months old - which means our adventure into solid foods has begun. We are doing baby led weaning and since she started to show interest in food a little earlier than six months she has been joining us for meals for about the last two weeks. I started reading the Baby-Led Weaning book when she was around three months old to arm myself with information. At her four … [Read more...]

Throwing a Brunch on a Budget

A few weeks ago was our church's baby dedication. Hadley and all her nursery friends were dedicated. Some of Hagin's family came into town to celebrate so we decided to host a brunch at my parent's house. We had 19 adults, 6 kids, and spent less than $200 on all of the food, drinks, and decorations (plus we are going to reuse the decorations for Easter). For Christmas my parents got me a … [Read more...]

Hadley Lane – Five Months Old

My little, itty, bitty baby is no longer. She is definitely out of the infant stage now. I never could have imagined how fast these first five months would go. Hadley wants to be on the move. She will spin herself around in circles on the floor and scoot around, but she isn't crawling yet. Hopefully we still have a little bit longer until we need to baby proof the house. This past month has … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of an Almost Five Month Old

Just in case you ever wondered what life is like with a five month old, read on. Today Hadley turns five months old, but I recorded my day yesterday, so at that point I'm still considering her almost five months old. We got out of the house twice so it was one of the more exciting days. 1:30 AM - Baby is stirring so I feed her in bed, she falls asleep after 5 minutes and I put her back in her … [Read more...]