Whole30 Week 1

I'm not sure what put the thought of Whole30 in my head, but a few weeks ago Hagin mentioned wanting to lose a little weight and I said "Ok, I want to too. Let's do Whole30." I don't think he really knew what he was signing up for once he agreed and we picked a pretty busy time to start... moving, teaching camp, remodeling....but we committed to it and moved forward. Sunday before starting I … [Read more...]

Hadley Lane – Nine Months

I promise I'm not gone for good. I do plan to come back to blogging. I figured I needed to get these up before Hadley was 11 months old... because then I would be really far behind, now I'm just slightly behind.   This has been a fun few months. We bought a new house at the end of April and for the whole month of May (and beyond) we have been busy working over there. We are … [Read more...]

Hadley Lane – Eight Months

I wrote this post over a month ago, and then it sat in drafts purgatory. So I'm actually way late posting this...   Look at that, this month I'm not even that late posting Hadley's monthly update! Thankfully she has turned into a pretty awesome napper, so I actually have time to do things during the day. Sometimes I even do a load of laundry. Before Hadley was even born I did some … [Read more...]

Hadley Lane – Seven Months

Because I am so late posting this, Hadley is now closer to 8 months than she is to 7 months. Initially she started to crawl around 6 months, then discovered pulling up and all but stopped crawling. We were thinking she was just planning on skipping crawling since she never did it, but in the last month she has become quite the efficient crawler. Well, more like leg dragger. Let's just say that she … [Read more...]

Life Lately and Recipes We’ve Made

Lately I feel as if I am just in a busy season of life. Aren't we all? I'm probably preaching to the choir here, as I know every other mom is also. Although it seems like I do absolutely nothing during the day I never have any downtime. Apparently keeping a baby and yourself alive and fed all day is quite a task. Most of my day is spent being a human jungle gym. Hadley is super active and on … [Read more...]