Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate #SundaySupper

We are a coffee loving family. I actually gave it up during pregnancy and after the initial caffeine withdrawal headaches, didn't feel that I missed it. But towards the end I started to add it back in. I love the tradition of sitting on the porch with my cup of coffee, slowly getting my morning started. You can imagine how much we cried when my husband dropped our 12 cup french press and it … [Read more...]

Mint Sweet Tea for Labor Day #SundaySupper

For a refreshing drink this Labor Day you have come to the right place.  Sweet Tea is a BBQ classic. I thought it would  be great to kick it up a notch and infuse the simple syrup with mint. Resulting in just a hint of mint flavor in the tea. And oh does the house smell good while you are making the simple syrup. It smelled like I had scrubbed the whole house with spearmint, when all I did was … [Read more...]

Pomegranate Cosmo for #SundaySupper

Would you believe I almost decided to sit this #SundaySupper out. I couldn't think of any holiday appetizers to make since I just covered a bunch last week. Then I thought, well I don’t need to do an appetizer, the theme is appetizers and drinks so why not a drink. Pomegranate came to mind as a winter/Christmas flavor and I just happened to have a bottle of Stoli White Pomegranate Vodka. So at … [Read more...]

Frozen Sangria for Labor Day #SundaySupper

It’s only appropriate that I post a yummy drink for Labor Day #SundaySupper. On Memorial Day I posted these beer margaritas which were both a huge hit with my friends and here on the blog. Blend up some of this Sangria and your guests may never want to leave. After a few attempts I finally found the perfect ratio for this Frozen Sangria. Veering from the typical sangria I used rum rather than … [Read more...]

The Best Margarita Ever for Memorial Day #SundaySupper

People have probably been making these for years, but I have just recently discovered beer margaritas. They are truly the best margarita ever and so easy you will never go back to premade mixes. They aren’t overly tart or sour, the beer tames them out a bit. I typically use Red Stripe, but that’s just because that’s the beer we usually have in the house. Any kind of beer will do. I can think of no … [Read more...]