Whole30 Recap and Results

We made it! We completed a Whole30. When we decided to do Whole30 we were using it as a motivator. We know how to eat well, but sometimes and recently more often than not choose not to. But on Whole30 you are forced to make pretty much everything you consume at home. So we found ourselves out at restaurants very few times. It was a great way for us to get back on track, but I enjoy going out to … [Read more...]

Cashew Zoodles with Chicken

We have reached the end of our Whole30! I have a full recap post coming, but I did want to share at least one recipe from the month, since this is a food blog. You may have forgotten since there has been little talk of food lately. We are big fans of pasta and spaghetti squash was never a good substitute, but once I stumbled upon a spiralizer I never turned back. I love to make zoodles. And if … [Read more...]

Whole30 Week 3

Well, week 3 of Whole30 sure flew by, and somehow this week is almost over also! We are still chugging along on this Whole30. Not too much has changed from last week. Still missing ice cream and wine, but overall enjoying everything we have been eating. It feels good to be eating as many veggies as we are on a daily basis and I definitely would like to keep that up. We have become much more … [Read more...]

Whole30 Week 2

Today is day 15 of our Whole30! Halfway done, woo hoo! I didn't take pictures of every meal I made last week, so obviously I don't remember what we ate. But it went a little something like this: chicken, beef, vegetables, fruit, repeat. I have to admit I'm getting a little bored. I'm trying to be creative, but sometimes that takes too much effort and I fall back on grilled chicken and … [Read more...]

Whole30 Week 1

I'm not sure what put the thought of Whole30 in my head, but a few weeks ago Hagin mentioned wanting to lose a little weight and I said "Ok, I want to too. Let's do Whole30." I don't think he really knew what he was signing up for once he agreed and we picked a pretty busy time to start... moving, teaching camp, remodeling....but we committed to it and moved forward. Sunday before starting I … [Read more...]