Refrigerator and Freezer Staples

My refrigerator and freezer staples are really pretty basic. I try to buy with the sales on refrigerator items, but you can’t buy too much milk or eggs in advance. It will end up going bad and that is just wasted money. Instead I look for sales on milk. About every other week or so you can find Smart Balance or Silk on sale and with a coupon for about $1 per half gallon and if all else fails I … [Read more...]

Pantry, Herbs, and Spices Staples

Thank you for the great response yesterday. For the next few days I am going to be covering staple items to always have on hand. These are items I will always buy if they are on sale and I have coupons as well. If need be I could easily make many different meals out of my essentials. Today I will cover pantry, herbs, and spices staples. Lane’s List of Essentials Pantry Canned … [Read more...]


Updated 4/2/2014: Welcome! If you made it back this far you will see that a lot has changed since this blog started. I'm in the process of updating old recipes, removing irrelevant posts, and just doing some basic housekeeping. From here on out you can expect to find excellent tested recipes made with real food that your family will love. Most of the recipes happen to be pretty budget friendly … [Read more...]