About Me:

Hi, I’m Lane, the face behind Supper for a Steal.

Born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, I have always had a passion for good food and cooking. From a young age my mom would brag about her daughter who ate anything. As I have gotten older there are in fact things that I will no longer eat (pickles, gross keep them away), but I do love to try almost anything once.

Mom always had dinner on the table and would never head to the grocery store without her coupons and list. She was the coupon queen before couponing was cool. From her I have learned to create weekly menu plans to help me stick to a budget.

I offer great tips on menu planning and recipes. I try to use seasonal produce and widely available ingredients. I draw inspiration from so many different sources, whether it be other recipes or restaurants. One of my favorite things to do is check out the menu’s at our favorite restaurants and recreate the dishes healthier at home. I believe in the eyeballing it style of measuring (less cleanup), but I will provide exact measurements in my recipes for you. Don’t be afraid to add extra of an ingredient you love. In my opinion measuring is only necessary when baking; desserts, breads, etc.

I shop at Publix for the bulk of my list and try to hit up a few local markets for better produce and international items. We have a few local health food stores that I make a trip to every once and a while and I do an every other week Costco run. I have found Costco has great prices for organic produce, but I can often buy organic meats on sale at Publix for cheaper. When I find great sales on meat and convenience foods I stock up! My freezer is usually overflowing with chicken breasts, but you can bet I never paid full price for any of them.

Although there have been some changes as we go organic, if you are new to the blog please read up on my Family Photo

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About the Blog:

Like life, this blog is a journey. What started with me wanting to share frugal meals has turned into me wanting to share a healthy, organic lifestyle, but still on a budget. As we start down the path of organics, grassfeed, non GMO, etc, it is quite the learning experience. There is so much to learn about the way our food is raised. That is will take quite a bit of time sorting through it all.

I’m not perfect. I use convenience foods with some probably questionable ingredients. I don’t see myself cutting them out of our diet completely. I want and need this blog to be accessible for everyday working people, mom’s who need to fix dinner in a hurry or busy couples who just can’t find the time to make everything from scratch.

Currently we buy organic meats (not grassfed), dirty dozen organic produce, and our convenience foods are a mix of the two. I am working to improve to all organics by purchasing during sales at various stores. I try to post blasts on my Facebook or Twitter when I find great prices on different items, so be sure to follow one or the other.

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